Spray Tan Care

Preparing for your spray tan

Exfoliate your Body

  • Exfoliating your entire body before a spray tan is one of the most important things you are to do. Dry & rough patches of skin can attract and hold more color then skin that is smooth & soft which can result in a blotchy tan. Focus specifically on knees, elbows and other rough patches of skin.
  • Use an exfoliating glove or loofa for best results. Exfoliating scrub or a sea salt scrub work awesome as well!!

Shave unwanted Body hair

  • Its best to shave or wax (try not to wax on the day of tan) unwanted body hair prior to your spray tan. While having hair before getting a tan is totally fine, shaving after a tan can result in the tan leaving along with your hair!
  • Its also best to avoid wearing perfume, deodorant or other lotions and creams prior to the spray tan, as any of these items can create a barrier and prevent the tan from setting on your skin. After the tan is set and you have washed it off you are free to use any products as you normally would! In fact, we promote the use of lotions and moisturizers for a longer lasting tan!

Wear loose clothing

  • The tan will stay a bit damp for up to an hour after your spray tan so we recommend wearing loose fitting, black clothing, or since we are coming to your in your home, nothing at all!


Caring for your spray tan

The better your take care of your tan the longer it will last! Here are a couple tips to ensure you get the best results!

  • Do not shower, or get any type of moisture on your skin for at least 2 hours while your tan sets. This means to try an avoid rain, washing your hands and do your best not to get hot and sweaty.

Don’t leave your tan on for more then 4 hours.

  • Once you have showered you will notice the bronzer washing away leaving you with a beautiful glowing tan underneath! From this point on hydration is key!!
  • Keep your skin well moisturized to increase the longevity of your tan as well as help the tan fade evenly and naturally over time instead of going patchy.
  • Do not exfoliate.
  • Your tan will continue to process up to 24hours after your shower.